Benefits of ERANZ membership

ERANZ is the industry organisation representing the interests of electricity retailers in New Zealand.

ERANZ works with the key stakeholders in central government, as well as regulators and officials, to ensure that the New Zealand's regulatory and commercial framework allows for a competitive and sustainable electricity retail market that benefits customers.

ERANZ will provide leadership on retail sector wide issues through proactive and informed communications and consultation with members.

ERANZ will ensure member interests are advocated for in regulation, policy development and legislation.

As a member of ERANZ you will have access to a range of services


Expertise and networks

ERANZ provides the opportunity to pool resources to engage expert electricity industry analysts, economists and advocates. Through utilising this extensive experience in the industry, and our well-developed relationships with government and allied stakeholders we provide a key asset in understanding the key issues impacting your business and the sector.

As a member you will be invited to join the ERANZ Policy Committee and the Technical Committee. This is a key way of keeping abreast of the issues of importance in the sector, as well as networking with other informed actors in the sector.


Your voice in the industry

Utilising our networks in the media, industry and government, ERANZ advocates for collective member interests and will provide balance and informed comment in discussions about the electricity sector.


Stakeholder engagement

ERANZ will organise valuable engagement opportunities with key industry participants, Ministers and other stakeholders.


Timely, reliable, industry information

ERANZ will provide regular newsletters and other communication for succinct, accurate summaries of the most important news and issues for the electricity retail sector. Those publications include:

  • member update: a bi-monthly round up of the key activities events and news of interest to the retail market
  • through ERANZ, members also have access to distribution lists for other energy market news.


Becoming a member

If you are interested in becoming a member contact:

Full Members

About our members

Member companies are those involved in the New Zealand electricity retail market. Full membership is only open to New Zealand companies with a principal function within the electricity retail industry.

Affiliate companies (more than 50% owned by another company) are members via the parent company.

A list of our members is available here. Visit their websites to find out more about each of our members, the areas they operate in, as well as information about activities they support.

Associate Members

ERANZ Associate Members are companies that are not primarily electricity retailers, but are interested in and aligned with the issues on which ERANZ is engaged. They gain benefits by being involved in the ERANZ networks and information sharing, as well as providing their voice on issues related to the sector.

Want to know more about becoming an electricity retailer?

The New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM) started its operation on 1 October 1999. From that date, any customer with half hour (HHR) metering was able to purchase electricity  from any retailer that agreed to supply it. From 1 April 1999, full retail competition commenced and all customers in New Zealand that had an ICP identifier had the same choice of retailer. The definition of an electricity retailer in the Electricity Industry Act 2010 means a business engaged in retailing, which is the sale of electricity to a customer other than for the purpose of resale.

The NZEM is complex as there are many interactions between participants, and also between participants and the electricity market, and between participants and the Electricity Authority. The majority of these interactions are set out in legislation, regulation, plus many more other protocols and guidelines.

If you are interested in becoming an electricity retailer, the first place to start the process is to express interest to the Electricity Authority at