ERANZ Member Code of Conduct

Purpose of ERANZ

The purpose of ERANZ is to promote and enhance a sustainable and competitive retail electricity market that delivers value to New Zealand electricity consumers. 

ERANZ provides a model of collaboration and transparency, and serves as a catalyst for continuous positive improvement in the electricity sector.  ERANZ strives to be a sector leader in establishing best practices for Members and their customers.

Conduct of ERANZ Members

ERANZ Members are expected to comply with all laws and regulations, and to operate to the highest standards of ethical and responsible corporate behaviour.  

In striving to continually meet this expectation ERANZ Members should observe the following principles of conduct: 

  1. Place customers and the interests of customers at the heart of what they do;
  2. Promote and adhere to ethical and responsible business practices;
  3. Encourage and where possible lead innovation that delivers value to customers now and into the future; 
  4. Engage constructively with government, regulators and the electricity sector to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the retail market and the sector as a whole; and
  5. Strengthen co-operation across the sector through support for industry codes of practice, benchmarks, forums and standards.

Commitment to these principles is expected of all ERANZ Members.