Talking heads series

ERANZ hosts a series of “Talking Heads” sessions throughout the year on cutting-edge issues affecting the sector and our customers, that are of interest to our members and stakeholders. These range from policy-specific topics such as distribution pricing reform, policies to promote electric vehicle uptake in New Zealand, to general discussions around cyber-security in an increasingly digitalised energy platform, the case for battery storage in a New Zealand context, building social licence around the use of data, or even how to think about the future.

Usually the sessions run for two hours, and the briefings provide an opportunity for guests to hear from an expert panel or speaker on a topic area before moving on to a Q&A discussion for sharing ideas and best practice.

ERANZ works with a range of partners on these events and these sessions are an excellent opportunity for showcasing new thinking or a chance to discuss a particular topic in-depth. If you are interested in partnering with us for a Talking Heads session, or you have a good idea for one, please contact