Enabling technology: Solar PV

28 March 2018

Transpower are investigating how the power system can enable New Zealanders to use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate their own electricity.

Currently less than 1% of New Zealand's electricity is generated by solar PV, but as this number increases we all need to plan for and help shape the power system of the future. This will help enable Kiwis to use the technologies, a strategy that is welcomed and supported by ERANZ.

At this Talking Heads discussion, Transpower discussed its report on "Solar PV in New Zealand" in more detail. Transpower was joined by the Sustainable Energy Association (SEANZ) and ERANZ member Mercury's Julia Jack to give an "on-the ground" view of customer and technology trends in the solar sector.

click here to see Transpower's presentation click here to see Mercury's presentation