COVID-19: Your retailer is here to support you

Electricity retailers are closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation with a focus on customers who may have financial difficulties or increased electricity requirements because they’re affected by COVID-19.

What retailers are doing to help

If you’re having a hard time paying your power bill, get in touch with your retailer.

You can find your retailer's contact information on your power bill, on their website, or by using the links at the bottom of this page.

Depending on your circumstances, your retailer may recommend a different payment terms or a different payment schedule suited to your circumstances, like smoothed monthly payments, which means you pay the same set amount each month and don’t face more expensive bills in winter.

Together, you can also review your plan and see if a different option would be better suited to you.

If you need financial help, your retailer can connect you with budgeting support services (like FinCap’s MoneyTalks) and with WINZ to make sure you’re getting the assistance you’re entitled to. WINZ can help with power bills in some circumstances. Get in touch with your retailer to find out more.

How to pay your bill during COVID-19 lockdown

If you usually pay your bill over the counter at a NZ Post store or another retail outlet, you won't be able to pay the same way during a COVID-19 Level 3 and Level 4 lockdown. If you usually pay by cheque, your retailer may ask you to pay a different way until the lockdown ends.

Get in touch with your retailer and ask about alternative payment arrangements.

  • You might like to set up a direct debit or automatic payment, or alternatively pay online or over the phone.
  • In some cases payment can be made by cheque or at the local bank when it's open (some retailers have suspended payments options, like paying by cheque, for the safety of staff handling mail).
  • If you receive a benefit or superannuation, you can set up a redirection from your benefit directly to your power account. Contact your local WINZ office to get help with this.

Talk to your retailer about your options and the payment method that best suits you while staying safe at home.

Making the most of your electricity

While we’re staying home, there are lots of simple things we can do to save on power so we can use it where it counts most—like to keep warm.

Click on the thumbnail below to open a printable PDF about making the most of your electricity.


Click here to download "Make the most of your electricity" (PDF, 57KB)

For more, click here for 8 tips on heating your home efficiently.

Contact links

The following pages include information from each retailer on their response to COVID-19 and how to contact them: