Power outage - what should I do?

If you experience a power outage in your area, then contact your electricity retailer or your lines company. Visit the Electricity Networks Association to find the lines company for your area. If you are a medically dependent customer (MDC) (someone who is dependent on electricity for life), you must consult your emergency response plan and contact your health provider. 

Make sure you have an emergency plan

Bad weather or outages mean that power cuts will happen. It is important your household takes responsibility for ensuring that alternative options such as battery power or a generator are available during an outage. Alternatively, you can relocate to a friend or family member's house that has power. If you ever feel your health is at risk due to a power outage, call emergency services or get to a hospital.

Food safety when the power goes out

Adverse natural events, such as floods or earthquakes, may affect peoples’ access to electricity and clean water.  Guidance from Food Safety NZ has been been prepared to help keep their food as safe as possible. http://www.foodsafety.govt.nz/elibrary/industry/Food_Safety-Recent_Around.htm