ERANZ contributes to policy development on the issues that affect the safe, secure, reliable, sustainable and competitive supply of electricity to New Zealand customers. The policy team are closely involved in matters that affect the electricity retail market.

ERANZ Submissions

Implications of Evolving Technology for Pricing of Distribution Service

Electricity Authority | 02.02.2016

Default Price Path 3 Submission

ERANZ | 18.07.2019

Quick wins for increasing access to electricity services

ERANZ | 11.06.2019

Post-workshop feedback on Spotlight on emerging contestable services

ERANZ | 25.06.2019

Spotlight on Emerging Contestable Services (ToR)

ERANZ | 12.04.2019

EPR Options Paper Submission

ERANZ | 22.03.2019

ERANZ Letter on DPP issues paper

ERANZ | 20.12.2018

EPR First Submission Update

ERANZ | 23.10.2018

Customised price quality path process improvement

Commerce Commission | 31.07.2018

Default price quality path (DPP) for EDBs

Commerce Commission | 12.07.2018

Low-Emissions economy – draft report (ERANZ-ENA)

Productivity Commission | 07.06.2018 

Information gathering relating to emerging technologies

Commerce Commission | 24.05.2018

The Privacy Bill

 Justice Select Committee | 23.05.2018

Multiple Trading Relationships

Electricity Authority | 27.02.2018

Electricity Pricing Review draft Terms of Reference feedback

MBIE | 19.01.2018

ComCom's priorities for the electricity distribution sector

Commerce Commission | 22.12.2017

Electricity Authority's 2018-19 Work Programme

Electricity Authority | 19.12.2017

Data and data exchange consultation

Electricity Authority | 07.11.2017

EIEP5 outage format

Electricity Authority | 22.09.2017

Powerco CPP Application

Commerce Commission | 22.09.2017

Transition to a low-carbon economy (ERANZ & ENA)

Productivity Commission | 22.09.2017

Enabling Mass Participation in the electricity market

Electricity Authority | 11.07.2017

Related Party Transactions

Commerce Commission | 17.05.2017

Development of the EECA Strategy 2017-2022

MBIE | 07.02.2017

Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters)

Commerce Select Comm | 01.02.2017

New Pricing Options for Electricity Distributors

ENA | 21.12.2016

Cost Allocation for Electricity Distribution Businesses (cross submission)

Commerce Commission | 25.10.2016

Cost Allocation for Electricity Distribution Businesses (submission)

Commerce Commission | 13.10.2016

New pricing options for electricity distributors

ENA | 06.10.2016

Electricity legislation to secondary networks for EVs

MBIE | 05.08.2016

Input methodologies on emerging technologies

Commerce Commission | 04.08.2016

NZ Energy Efficiency and Conservation strategy refresh

MBIE | 29.07.2016

Default Distribution Agreement submission

Electricity Authority | 19.04.2016

Proposal for structural change

 EGCC | 18.03.2016

Review of Input Methodologies for Emerging Technology

Commerce Commission | 04.02.2016

Implications of Evolving Technology for Pricing of Distribution Service

Electricity Authority | 02.02.2016